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Welcome to Kasper Organics! I'm so glad you found little ol' me amongst all the giants. And thank you for supporting a woman-owned, small business.  This is the best place to buy hemp and organic cotton products.

We offer high-quality organic cotton clothing and household basics. These are mostly made in America. We also offer fair-trade jewelry and gifts such as Triloka, some of the best available in quality, as well as social and environmental responsibility. 
 Most recently I have added some vintage jewelry and upcycled pieces. We also offer fair-trade clothing from Maggie's, who has a long-standing, solid reputation for social responsibility and good environmental practices. Maggie's made in USA organic socks have been a staple for many years. 

Our organic bed sheets and blankets have been very popular. They are super soft and pure, organic high-quality cotton, and also made in USA. Another favorite are our organic Turkish towels. Plush and pure organic towels make a wonderful healthy home wedding gift or an exceptional house-warming gift! 

One of our main suppliers of organic cotton tee shirts, sweats, and fabrics, is SOS From Texas.  These are some of the best organic shirts on the market. We also carry their USA-made organic sweatshirts and totes. 
Here is a link to a really nice video about their cotton farming practices from Texas. Below you can see the night shirt made for us by SOS From Texas.
SOS From Texas Video                     diamond groove
                                          Our (540) 895-2907 made by SOS


Monthly Specials For November

Straight Leg Pants
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Capri Length Leggings - Black
$22.95  $18.36
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Striped Circle Scarf
$22.95  $17.21
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Ruched Leggings
$32.50  $21.13
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